Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NetApp Simulator

I'm working on NFSv4+KRB and came across the NetApp simulator. It's pretty easy to setup, and allows for dorking around with almost everything (clustering, iscsi, snapmirror, ...). It's helpful for someone like me who a.) first needs to get acquainted with managing a netapp filler without breaking anything, and b.) wants to test filer kerberos configuration. (Ultimately I'll need a physical filer for further performance and stability testing, but it's a handy start.)

To read about what the simulator is, what it's limitations, strenghts, and requirements are, check out this:

Other useful links:

Download Simulator: (NOW account required)

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Netapp Simulator 7.3 -- Installing the Simulator

Netapp Simulator Forum:

Useful Netapp Commands:

Netapp Snapvault guide:


Netapp Technical Reports:

Learning Oracle RAC with the NetApp Simulator:

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Staring Over

So I'm staring this blog thing up again for three reasons. The first is I'd like to get better at technical writing and I'm hoping this helps. And the second is that sometimes I'll have a friend/colleague ask me some off topic question, and I thought rather than email back this might be a good way to answer. Finally, there are times where I forget why or how I did something and I figure this will be a better place than any to keep a record for myself.